5 de mayo de 2009

Una gran reflexión

Hoy he leído esta reflexión en uno de los foros de LinkedIn, y me ha gustado especialmente. Aquí va para compartirla con todos


Let’s say that you have 100 calls to your Service Desk. Let’s also say you have the best Service Desk on the planet and the take, log and resolve the call within 5 minutes. No escalation, no referral, totally resolved: IM nirvana!!!
Logic says then that at most you have 500 minutes of IM in your organisation but that is an incomplete answer. Why? Because each call has two people; your Service Desk and the person calling who is being paid for at least 5 minutes to do nothing while your Service Desk or IM process resolves their issue.
Morale of the sotry: IM metrics should show how your IT is working, your vendors and your Service Desk. But tie it back to the business. Show them that their lack of participation in IT Service Management improvement is costing them. We did this by creating reports based on an agreed salary across a department showing what they were paying staff to not work. Got the business involved in helping set realistic targets, priorities and service levels. More importantly as we (IT) got better we could justify what we were giving back to the business in time they were now working when before they were waiting on us.

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