17 de diciembre de 2009

Reducing OPEX to fund innovation

Hoy se ha publicado en el ITSM Portal una columna que explica la necesidad de controlar y reducir los costes de operación de los servicios TI para poder garantizar que existan fondos para la innovación y la creación de ventajas diferenciales en las compañías.

Incluyo a continuación un pequeño extracto, pero si quieres leer toda la columna, puedes hacerlo en http://www.itsmportal.com/columns/reducing-opex-fund-innovation

IT is like a living creature under continuous evolution. The ability to head this evolution towards a permanent alignment with business operational and strategic needs is one of the most wanted skills in the CIOs, together with the art of empowering and retaining the skilled and talented resources needed to realize the evolution.


Given these tough economy times, most organizations are not allowed (or incapable) to assign additional funds to new projects and initiatives. As a consequence, IT spending is frozen or even further reduced. In the mean time, the business requires IT to participate in the innovation needed for their market differentiation, either through the delivery of new capabilities to the user communities or to the business processes, or by reducing production costs. Operational budget (OPEX) is intended to run the business as usual, while investment funds (CAPEX) will generate new ways to run the business that will act as an additional component for the expected differentiation. Therefore, CIOs need to be able to transfer part of the budget from OPEX to CAPEX sections.


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